Narrative Theorists

Narrative Theorists

Star Wars

Protagonist/Hero – Luke Skywalker

Antagonist/Villain – Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

Heroine – Princess Leia

Authority Figure/Role Model – Ben Kenobi

Helper – R2D2

Donor – Ben Kenobi

Mentor – Yoda/Ben Kenobi

Harry Potter

Protagonist/Hero – Harry Potter

Antagonist/Villain – Voldemort

Heroine – Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley

Authority Figure/Role Model – Dumbledore

Helper – Ron Weasley

Donor – Dumbledore

Mentor – Dumbledore

Russian Theorists

Russian theorist, Tzvetan Todorov suggested that all narratives follow a three-part structure. They begin with an equilibrium, where everything is balanced and then progresses to a drama/conflict with a disequilibrium which is then resolved at the end with a new equilibrium. He came up with this concept after studying Russian folk tales. Vladimir Propp also had similar results when researching the same thing, except he specified that there is only a certain amount of characters that prop up throughout the tales.


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