Scriptwriting Genre

Genre Writing

Anisha and Brandon first meet


Brandon remarks “you look like my friend”

To which she replies “male or female?”

(Brandon suddenly realises he’s dropped himself in crap) “Male, but he’s very feminine”

They both laughed awkwardly, she then proceeded to stab him multiple times in the chest, burn down his house, and murder his cat.


Brandon calls Anisha a guy by accident

Anisha gets angry

Anisha shoots brandon with a gun

Anisha puts brandon in a rocket ship and shoots him to mars

Brandon is sneakily still alive, he was wearing kevlar

Brandon arrives on Mars and befriends the local bacteria

The end


Brandon and Anisha go on an adventure to cure her manliness

She goes through gender reconstruction surgery so as to help her come to terms with who she is

A male

Anisha then falls madly in love with brandon because he’s great


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