Script Writing Ideas

10 Minute Script

A script idea about script writing, the idea is an attempt at parodying my current task in a script written about a script being wrote and edited. It would have comedic moments and focus intensely on making the audience laugh.

Alex – Script Writer

Alistair – Actor

Djebel – Actress

Sophie – Actress/Production

Something witty, banterful and full of humour.


Alex: Right… there it is. Finished, completundo.

Djebel: Completundo? Really…

Alex: Sorry Shakespeare, I’m functioning on caffeine right now so my English isn’t perfect.

Sophie: Just show us the script already, we need to get started.

Alex: Alright calm your horses, I need time to compose myself.

(Alex clears his throat, shows the script to his friends and they read it quietly)

Not entirely sure on this. Revisit idea later maybe

Not final idea, went with something else.



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