Character Development

Meeting of Opinions

Featuring – Proznov Bielinski & Miranda Lawson

Proznov is at Cafe Oren getting his weekly Mocha, this became a thing around the time his wife died as he used to go out every so often with her and just chat – he uses this as a way to cling on to the memory of his wife. He lacks the motivation to do anything since her death, due to the love he had for her. Her death shattered him emotionally and now he lacks the will to live. This all changed when his accidental interaction with Miranda occurred. Proznov is 72 years old, of pale complexion and fairly tall compared to most people. He is an immigrant from Eastern Europe, his birthplace is only later revealed as he left under dire circumstances.

One day in his routine he bumped into a young model named Miranda who was getting her morning coffee in preparation for her latest photo shoot. She wants to leave the modelling industry but lacks the confidence in her other talents to do this, her main other talent being painting which she excels at. Due to her many years in the overly critical modelling industry however she has lost much of her self confidence in her abilities and is content with where she is with her life. Miranda is 22, blonde, skinny, attractive and has very defining facial features. She recently moved from the suburbs to the city, and until recently was a fairly small town girl. She finds city life hard to grasp, and struggles with the day to day pressures of modern life.

He leaves his scarf on the table when he gets up to leave, she notices and catches up with him letting her know. He then offers offers to buy her a drink, this is how the conversation starts. Worth mentioning, there will be absolutely no romantic interest in each other although they will both think the other to be attractive for their age.

They then get to chatting and one thing leads to another and before they know it they’re spilling their past experiences to each over and consoling each over on what to do with their life problems, this leads to them both becoming changed people by this encounter. Miranda follows her dreams of becoming an artists quitting the modelling industry whilst Proznov finally accepts his wife’s death and is ready to move on with his life. Before they depart however they take each others details and agree to meet at a later date, although it is not specified.

However, in a tragic turn of events Proznov dies that evening. This can be seen in a much more meaningful way. His acceptance of his wife’s passing finally allows him the relaxation and relief of death, ending the story on a bittersweet note. Although the story ends for him it carries on with Miranda, she quits her modelling job and pursues her artistic career, which she is successful in. The script will show this at a later date, she then calls his home phone multiple times to which she receives no answer. This leads to her discovery of his death when the landlord answers the phone, the landlord then proceeds to explain to her what happened and she begins to sob. She then visits his grave and accepts his death in turn.

(She could find him dead with details they exchanged etc)

All of these details will be explained and expanded upon in the finished script, to be written at a later date on Celtx.



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