Overall, I believe my script was a success. Throughout the process I showed a large amount of autonomy and independence when designing and implementing my script ideas. To this point, my script met my target audience and was more than satisfactory when printed off. I produced the script to a near professional standard, and as such achieved my target goal.

This project highlighted the need for planning and pitching towards potential investors/backers of ideas like this. These skills will no doubt pay off in the long run as I now know how to handle interviews well and explain my ideas with short and conclusive points as opposed to ranting on about uninteresting things.

One area I could of improved was the actual script presentation itself, when I spoke to Terrie. I prepared this big speech about the whole thing then discovered that I found it easier to just talk about it without the script and actually show her the idea with my own words. That being said, I could have practiced my presentation skills beforehand so as to have a rough idea as to what to say and to stop me from spending too long on certain aspects.

With this project I also learned the importance of audience and background research. Before writing my script, I researched other stories within the genre so as to better my understanding of how to make it appeal to the wider audience. When designing my marketing material for my film I also took this into account so as to make the poster appeal to the wider audience.

My writing skills have seen a remarkable improvement due to the creative nature of this task. Creating my own script was no small task, and I also had to learn how to write in script format in general. Considering writing is something I want to do at Uni I believe this task was very well suited for me – I had no problem with it, just with the actual format within which I was expected to write it.

So in conclusion, good project – some speed bumps. It was a learning process, one which I think I have benefited from due to the above reasoning’s. My only disappointment is that I never explained what happened to Alec in the script, although at the time I did this to leave the publisher wanting more I believe I could have attracted their attention more if they had known the ending fully aswell.


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