Scriptwriting – Preparing your Script Proposal

Task One 

Prepare a pitch for your proposal, identify Genre, Target Audience, Appropriate Information and the Purpose of the Script. Sell it as well as you can mentioning the good points about it.

Genre – Drama, Mature, Dark.

Target Audience – Young Teens to Mature Adults, possible interest with older generation due to OAP character.

Appropriate Information – The setting would be a coffee shop, and then eventually Proznov (the old mans) apartment. I plan to start off in the coffee shop and then work my way up to his apartment, the story will have a bitter sweet ending that will be shocking yet understandably beautiful. The maturer tones involved will be those of mortality and fear. How one cannot really live life unless they dispose of these primordial thoughts from their mind. The specialty in this idea is that the death and character development will be unique and of my own complete creation.

Purpose of the Script – To showcase character development and how people can change over time with age.

Research the term Elevator Pitch – how will you elevate your pitch? In four paragraphs outline your idea for the tutor to read.

An elevator pitchelevator speech or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition.

Has anyone here ever thought of an interesting movie idea but never pursued it? That was me until I brought this pitch to you. To summarize, my pitch is this idea of a very unique take on mortality. The idea that the acceptance of someone you loved’s death could give you the peace of mind to pass on yourself and join them is an idea I have not seen portrayed effectively in film before.

This comes about by character development, after meeting each other my two main characters begin to express their opinions and views on the others problems, giving them both a much needed outside perspective. After they see this perspective they realize their problems are much easier dealt with then left to linger.

This leads to Proznov (the old man) coming to terms with his wives death and Miranda (the young woman) coming to terms with her hate for the modelling industry of which she has been a part of for so long. This allows them to move on with their perspective lives. It allows Proznov the gift of death so he can be with his wife whilst helping Miranda move on with her life onto something where she can be happy.

The script ends on a bittersweet note, with Proznov finally passing away due to old age. His acceptance of his wives death being the final piece needed for him to move on into his next life. Miranda quits her modelling job and becomes an artist, leading to her living a much more fulfilling life.

One idea behind an elevator pitch is to be able to actually not only say what you do but do it in a way that is interesting. For example, if you asked someone what they do and they answer “I am a financial planner” the conversation may almost end there. As the person who hears what they do may already feel they know what it is that person does. So it is important to be able to explain what you do in more detail but without using terminology that will pigeon hole you before you get started.

Email it to Steve –

And/or Terrie –

(Not final script proposal, just for idea generation)

Task Two

Develop your pitch and turn it into a written proposal.

Remember to support the proposal with relevant materials and information. The outcome of your pitch will provide important feedback in order to receive clearance to proceed to script production.

Don’t forget to Harvard Reference.


Elevator Pitch – (Last Modified – 25th September 2015)


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