Historical Event Rewrite

Historical Character (non fictional)

Write a short story that includes a significant event in their life.

E.g. The Queen – her coronation

King Richard I – The Lionheart

The Death of the King

A boy looking no older than 15 is dragged into the kings tent, he is thrown beneath the kings feet with a grim look on his face, the look of one with a death sentence.

“My lord…” he says hesitantly.

“This must be a jest, where is the crossbowman I asked for?” says the king, with a confused look upon his face.

“There is no jest, this is him my lord” mutters the guard conservatively.

“Four eyewitnesses on the castle wall claim to have seen him fire the bolt that hit you, he has even been heard bragging about it towards the other townspeople.” states the other guard.

“Too right I did it! I shot you right in the shoulder I did, you deserved it you bastard!” shouts the boy, clearly enraged by the kings continued life.

“Killed by a mere boy!” Richard exclaimed.

“How can a lion such as me be slain by an ant as tiny as him? Cyprus, Damascus and Jerusalem – all fell before me, Richard the Lionheart. More like Richard the Foolhardy, I shall be the laughing stock of all christendom! Falling before a mere boy. I must ask, why?”

“My family.” says the boy.

“Your family?” questions the king.

“You killed them. All of them. First you stabbed my father, then you raped my sister, then my mother, then you killed them both. Then by the time you came to kill me, I had already escaped. Now I have avenged them, now I will kill you.” says the boy, as he begins to cry.

The king is speechless, shocked by the boys outburst. He takes a good thirty seconds to formulate a response.

“I’m sorry. I can’t justify my actions, but this is war. In war, things like this happen.” says the king.

“A war you caused!” shouts the boy.

“In war, things like this happen. It was not personal.” berates the king.

“It was not personal? Tell that to my mother and sister who lie unburied and defiled within my home.” says the boy as he continues to sob.”

The king contemplates a response, he then gestures to the guards to take the boy away.

Mix reality with imagination – do research to back up idea so it can appear factually accurate. How will it look on screen – it’s intended to produce a visual art form.

Bibliography: (No Date) Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_I_of_England (Accessed: 22 June 2016).


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