Script Review


Cafe Oren, the most recent production from Brendonian Enterprises has been released, nobody was quite sure how it would do but finally we have an idea. It has smashed the box office completely, taking in over £40million within its first week.

It’s next level dramatic take on life and mortality has stunned audiences around the world. Showcasing something all us humans share, a joint uncertainty towards what happens after we die, and how we can begin to accept it.

With Cara Delevigne having catapulted herself into the acting world with her performance receiving critical acclaim globally, with a strong showing from Sir Michael Cane having helped boost the already fantastic cast into something truly worth watching.

The story focuses on two characters, and shows how sometimes people prefer to talk about sensitive issues with strangers as opposed to people they know. Sometimes you need someone who won’t judge you, as opposed to someone you know will.

This film is a must for anybody who is a fan of James Camerons previous work as a director, it’s dark yet truthful tone will resonate to elderly and younger audiences alike.

Imagine ‘The Theory of Everything’ meets ‘WALL-E.’ The emotional drama of both yet its own twist on mortality and lifetime aims.

It does lack a certain pacing to the story line – becoming slightly tedious at various points in the film. Due to the films slow build up however this can be excused as much character development is needed throughout the film to keep the viewer on their feet.

At 112 minutes run time – many questions are asked throughout the film. The vast majority reaching more than satisfactory conclusions.

How does one deal with the death of a loved one? What about a vicious industry forcing you to starve yourself? Why must you move from these experiences? How can you help people do this? All of these questions are answered. With brutal efficiency.

Captivating and the absolute bees knees Cafe Oren is showing at a cinema near you. Make sure to pop in and see what the fuss is all about!

Oh. You may want to brace yourself for the ending. It had me in tears.

(300-500 words)